Diamond Drilling Advice and Guidance from the Industry Expert

Diamond drilling projects require a specialist skillset to both plan for and execute works proficiently. The team at Hawes Diamond Drilling has many years’ experience in the industry that we are willing to share.

Offering up to date information and advice, we will guide you through the drilling process and run our expert eye over your plan drawings. During our site visit, we will explain the steps to consider during preparation of the site and suggest ways to mitigate disruption while the works are completed.

Together with you, we will ensure your project is completed efficiently and effectively, to the highest standards of workmanship, on time and within budget.

Please find below some guidance notes on site preparation to help you through your next concrete diamond drilling project. For further assistance and to talk to an industry expert, please contact us.

Power Supply

Usually 110V power with 16 Amp and 32 Amp outlets.

We can provide plug in transformers where no site supply exists. Alternatively, we can provide a petrol generator where no power is available.

For larger diameter holes 300mm and over we may require a 3 phase 415V power supply usually with a 16 Amp red 5 pin outlet.

Water Supply

Ideally a bib tap or similar, located close to the works and providing fresh running water, will be required.

We can provide a hosepipe from the tap to the works area if required.

Where a tap is not located in the vicinity of the proposed works we can provide water containers to feed our equipment for drilling works.

Waste Water/Slurry

As a byproduct of the drilling/sawing process, waste water and cement dust slurry is created. This is removed during the works uitilising heavy duty wet vacs.

However, these need to be emptied on a regular basis. If road or yard gullies are available, the waste can be emptied into these.

Where gullies are not available the waste can be emptied into dustbins, or even polythene lined skips for large projects, from where the water can be pumped out into the drainage system.

If left overnight the dust settles to the bottom, forming a soft sludge, with the water sitting on the top. The sludge can then be disposed of in a general waste skip.

Concrete Waste

For most drilling operations the client provides a skip for the concrete cores to be disposed into.

If required, we can provide the skip or for small jobs we can take the cores away and dispose of them in a skip at our yard.

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Hawes Diamond Drilling & Cutting Services

Case study – The View Hotel

In 2015 we were successful in winning the contract to strip out the original mezzanine bar area including the concrete parapet wall and ceiling feature of this eye-catching hotel along Eastbourne’s seafront.

Throughout the duration of the contract we had both time and noise constraints due to the work we had to carry out on the concrete frame which was extremely noisy! The hotel had lots of meetings and conferences running as well which meant we were limited to early starts, end of day working and lunch hours.

Hawes Diamond Drilling & Cutting Services
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